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Tap Bio Profile Card

The profile card tells the world about you!

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The profile card is the card that introduces you and what you represent. This is the profile card we set up for our Tap Bio mascot, Marley. The card features your profile photo, an extended bio, and links to your website and other social accounts.

To complete the profile card follow these easy steps.

First, Edit your Profile card:

Step 1. Upload your profile photo by clicking 'Change Profile Photo'. 

You can upload a photo by clicking 'Choose Profile Photo' or you can choose a solid background color by swiping left and right. The optimal size we've found is 1080x1920, the same as Instagram stories. You’ll have the chance to resize it to fit on your card. 

Step 2. Type in your name, your title (or what you do) and your website.

Step 3. Fill in your bio. Select at least 3 things that best describe yourself or your business.

Step 4. If you wish to add social media accounts to the profile card, click MANAGE SOCIAL ACCOUNTS and choose from the drop down menu.  Add your user name and click SAVE. Refer to this Article for how to find your Facebook user name.

Remember you can make changes at any time to your profile card.  Just hit EDIT CARD or CLICK THE TAP BIO BUTTON for the drop down menu and click EDIT PROFILE (see screenshots below). 

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