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How to: Make a Call to Action Card
How to: Make a Call to Action Card

A Single Call to Action Card on Tap Bio

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The Call to Action Card gives you a single link to tell your followers about an upcoming event, call out your website, etc.  Marley wants to let everyone know about his favorite camp K9.

Step 1.  You must be in EDIT MODE.
Click Edit Card

Step 2. You can change the button color or background of this card by clicking the buttons below.  You can also delete the card by clicking the trash can.

To align your text so it doesn't cover the background, you have a bit of flexibility using the return button to re-position the text.

Step 3. Next we want to add the link for the camp - I added Join K9 as the button text and the full address for the link to the klubk9 play center. Hit DONE and SAVE and that is all there is to it!

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