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How To: Add an Instagram Links Card
How To: Add an Instagram Links Card

How to display your Instagram posts with links

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Marley_Patrol has an Instagram account and wants to add the Instagram Links Card to his Tap Bio Account.  You must be in EDIT MODE. Note: Instagram posts with links in the caption of the post will automatically transfer to tap bio. 

Step 1.  To add a card, click the + sign

Step 2. Choose Instagram Links card.

Step 3.  Click Add Instagram

Step 4.  Sign into your Instagram account.  Make sure you sign into the Instagram account you want associated with Tap Bio.

Step 5.  Add a headline and instructions so your followers know to click the picture to follow the link.  

On this Edit page you will see all your Instagram posts.  If you wish you can add a link directly to this page. You can also make a post with a link either Visible or Hidden with the drop down menu next to the post.

Step 6. This adorable pic of Marley in the birthday hat does not have a link. So I find the website I want to link it to (in this case the Etsy site theRescueMama). Copy the link from the website and paste it where it says link.  Now this pic will show up on the Instagram Links Card!

This is what Marley's Instagram links page looks like now on Tap Bio!

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