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How To: Add a Multiple Links Card
How To: Add a Multiple Links Card

Call out various links in one card

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Multiple Links can be added to this card.  Marley wants to call out all his favorite websites.  You must be in EDIT MODE.

Step 1. To add a card, click the + sign

Step 2. Click on the Links card.

Step 3. Tap to add a Headline and additional Body Text.

Step 4. Click Add a Link. In the first box, enter the Title of the Link. In the second box, enter the full URL (http:// or https://) and click Done.

Step 4. Change the color of the link button by clicking the toolbar palette button and choosing a color.  Change the background of the page by clicking the toolbar background button. Add additional links by following Step 4.

Step 5. You can change the order of the links by clicking the up and down arrow next to the button text.  Also, you can change the placement of the buttons with a few carriage returns. Click SAVE. 

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