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How To: Set up a Zapier Connection
How To: Set up a Zapier Connection

How to Create a new Zap

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Note: Zapier's free account has a limit of 100 email sign ups per month. If you expect to exceed this limit, you can either sign up for their Premium plan. Or you can create a Simple Card on Tap Bio that links directly to your email sign up card hosted elsewhere.
Step 1
. Log in to your Zapier Account

Step 2. Create a new Zap

Step 3. Select the Webhooks Trigger

Step 4. Select Catch Hook

Step 5. Select Continue and keep Pick off A Child Key blank

Step 6. Copy the URL from Zapier

Step 7. Paste the URL into the Configuration Screen of your Mailing List Card

  • Zapier will then ask you to test the connection; you can do this by visiting your follower view and adding your email address on the card

  • From there, connect the trigger in Zapier to whichever service you prefer

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