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How To: Add Multiple IG Accounts
How To: Add Multiple IG Accounts

Steps on how to add multiple IG accounts to Tap Bio

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To add multiple IG accounts to multiple Tap Bio accounts, follow the steps below. This will be the case for each additional account to associate an Instagram Account.  You must be in EDIT mode. 

IMPORTANT: Since we don't control which account your are currently logged in with Instagram, please confirm you are either logged into the account you intend to link at OR use a Private / Incognito Window to force a login.

Step 1.  In Edit mode, click the Tap Bio icon and click Account Access.

Step 2. Confirm you don't have an existing IG identity associated with this account. You can see this in Account Access.  If you do have an IG identity, please tap the X icon.

Step 3. Now to add the IG Links card, go to the Instagram Links Card (which will now have an error message) and Click Edit Card.

Step 4. It will now prompt you to add the Instagram Links Card.

Step 5. Once you tap Add Instagram, it should redirect you to to authorize access. Click Authorize.

Step 6.  Now you will be directed back to TapBio to make any necessary changes to your title, links, etc. Don't forget to click SAVE.

This completes the account association with one of my accounts.  Follow Steps 1-6 for your other accounts.

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