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I Don't See the Edit Card Button
I Don't See the Edit Card Button

To make changes you need to be in Edit Mode

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If you go to your address, (, and the the edit mode button does not appear,  this means you are logged out of your account. In order to make changes to your account, you will need to log back in:

1. To sign in from a browser, use this link:

2. To sign in inside Instagram, tap the bio link in this account: That way you'll be able to make and edit your Tap Bio without ever having to leave Instagram.

3. The following screen will pop us. This will prompt you to add your email or mobile number (depending on how you signed up initially) for us to send you a sign-in code.

4. Enter the six digit code we sent you and click Verify. Now you will see the Edit mode on your tap bio account and will be able to make changes.

Now you will see the Edit Mode or Edit Card on your tap bio account.

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