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Instagram Broken Link - "Sorry, this page isn't available"
Instagram Broken Link - "Sorry, this page isn't available"

My page is not loading. Tap Bio not working. The link doesn't work.

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If your Tap Bio link fails to open when you click the link in your bio, or if you see a page that says "Sorry, this page isn't available" - that's actually a bug within Instagram itself. 

It happens from time to time with all links in Instagram bios (not just Tap Bio links) and we have no control over it. This message is a security measure from Instagram itself, unfortunately. It is randomized and can happen to anyone. 

Try going to your IG profile page and pulling down on the page to refresh it. Then try your Tap Bio Link again. It should work after that.

Just so you know, this error is unique to your device, so even when you are seeing this, it does not mean your followers are.

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